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The applicant approves your request electronically, and as soon as they do, the credit reports are released to you. Larger landlords and property managers often want to be able to run instant tenant credit reports on their own, without the tenant having to approve the request. The catch?

Tenant Credit Reports, Criminal Checks & Eviction Reports | SparkRental

For instant tenant credit reports, you need to have a one-time site inspection. Want a violent ex-con living in your property? What about a sex offender? Or hey, what about a check scam artist?

We have you covered, with our nationwide criminal background checks. Federal, state, and local criminal records — all compiled into one report. Not only can criminal tenants be dangerous to you, they can be dangerous to neighbors and other nearby tenants.

Best Tenant Screening Services of 12222

Physical danger aside, criminals who have stolen from others in the past are not exactly trustworthy to pay the rent on time! Want to include eviction reports with your tenant credit report and criminal background check? No problem. Whether a renter has ever broken their lease agreement before, and needed to be evicted?

Note : For instant credit reports, you will need a one-time site inspection. But even without the site inspection, you can still run tenant-authorized credit reports, and run criminal and eviction reports instantly.

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Brian walks through the process of requesting reports. Tenant screening starts with a detailed rental application. After all, what good is a credit report if you would never have accepted the renter anyway, based on their pound pit bull?

Tenant Screening

Our rental application is free good start, right? No printing necessary! You can also select to include credit reports, criminal checks, or eviction reports with your rental application if you like. Our co-founders Brian Davis and Deni Supplee review the six parts of tenant screening that landlords should do with every single applicant.

Fill Vacancies Fast

Most often the applicant will pay for the tenant screening reports themselves. However, ultimate level members get to choose whether the applicant or the landlord will pay! Very carefully. Spark Rental takes privacy and security extremely seriously. Once you invite an applicant to complete a tenant background check 1. They will be taken to an online portal where not only will they fill in a rental application online that you can print.

The rental applicant will be asked for all sorts of Information, including contact Information, address history, employment, any other income, assets, liabilities.

Tenant Screenings Provide

They will also supply references, asked if they have pets and what kind of car they drive. All topped off with the names of all occupants, and an electronic signature providing authorization to run all background checks. You get instant credit reports and tenant scorecards for making fast tenant approval decisions. We provide instant credit reports so you don't have to wait to make decisions.

Quickly determine good applicants from bad applicants with AAA Screening's tenant score cards. Analyze applicants' credit, criminal, and eviction history in one easy-to-read report. AAA Screening guarantes competitive background screening prices, without sacrificing speed and accuracy. If you find a lower price for a quality report, we'll match it. Great service with friendly and helpful staff providing quality and timely results.

Best screening company I have worked with for 10 years now. AAA consistently provides quick, accurate, valuable information about prospective tenants. The screening process not only has saved us from making terrible decisions about people we thought were good perspectives, but it is also cleared the way for the best candidates to rent from us Very easy to work with.

Extremely customer responsive. Fast for tenants and landlords.

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  4. I am not saying a drink now and again is a problem. However, you will see tell-tale signs of the partier, the slob, the complainer and more. All this by just by taking a gander online. Increasingly, baby-boomers and empty nesters are choosing to rent instead of buy , as they downsize and leave their child-rearing suburban homes. Owning rental investment property in an area where retirement population is popular or on the rise such as Florida or Colorado can be lucrative for landlords.

    According to USA Today, baby boomers have the highest credit ratings compared to the other age groups. The other end of the spectrum is Generation Z who now make up a large part of the renter demographic. Looking to get out on their own, or soon thereof, this young group may have little to no credit. In fact, Gen Z has the lowest scores on their tenant screening reports; with an average of This poses a challenge to the real estate investor. Later in this article, we will discuss how to use a co-signor to protect yourself fully when renting to the younger generation.

    Then there is the middle. Those in between the young and the old. One could say, these generations should be buying homes. And if they are not, is it because of credit issues due to mismanagement of money? You can see how understanding these bits of information along with running comprehensive tenant background checks can assist in making the best decisions in who to sign a lease agreement with. Earlier I talked about the Generation Z becoming one of the largest growing renter sector.

    However, often, these folks come with little to no credit. Or, perhaps the income is a bit short. What to do? This is where a co-signor is very handy. Remember, however to run a full tenant background check on the co-signor as well. Do not just assume that they are squeaky clean.

    What if an application reveals some slight credit issues on the tenant credit report, but their income is more than sufficient. Consider, asking for an additional month rent up front. Make sure that it is permitted under your state landlord tenant statutes. There are some items that may show up on tenant screening reports that prove to be huge red flags!

    Some items may be explained. Medical bills, for instance. Take into consideration all of the information. The employment, the landlord references, what you seek and find. Here is the cold fact. If your rental is located in a location where people are waiting in line to rent, you can be very picky in who you choose. Consider yourself lucky. However, there are some properties located in less than favorable areas.

    For whatever reason, perspective applicants are not banging the door down with their free rental applications filled out and ready.

    Or the ones that have their rental application in hand and ready to rent, are, well, not rent-worthy.