How do you get a search warrant

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Public protection, afforded by efficient and effective law enforcement, is enhanced through the proper use of search warrants. Always looking up definitions? Save time with our search provider modern browsers only.

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Nothing in this section shall limit remedies available for a violation of any other state or federal law. Added by Stats. A search warrant cannot be issued but upon probable cause, supported by affidavit, naming or describing the person to be searched or searched for, and particularly describing the property, thing, or things and the place to be searched. The application shall specify when applicable, that the place to be searched is in the possession or under the control of an attorney, physician, psychotherapist or clergyman. If the affiant transmits the proposed search warrant and all affidavits and supporting documents to the magistrate using facsimile transmission equipment, email, or computer server, the conditions in subdivision c apply.

The transcribed statement shall be deemed to be an affidavit for the purposes of this chapter. The recording of the sworn oral statement and the transcribed statement shall be certified by the magistrate receiving it and shall be filed with the clerk of the court. In the alternative, the sworn oral statement shall be recorded by a certified court reporter and the transcript of the statement shall be certified by the reporter, after which the magistrate receiving it shall certify the transcript which shall be filed with the clerk of the court.

The search warrant signed by the magistrate and received by the affiant shall be deemed to be the original warrant. The original warrant and any affidavits or attachments in support thereof shall be returned as provided in Section The affidavit or affidavits must set forth the facts tending to establish the grounds of the application, or probable cause for believing that they exist.

A duplicate original warrant shall be deemed to be a search warrant for the purposes of this chapter, and it shall be returned to the magistrate as provided for in Section The magistrate shall enter on the face of the original warrant the exact time of the issuance of the warrant and shall sign and file the original warrant and the duplicate original warrant with the clerk of the court as provided for in Section The warrant shall be in substantially the following form:.

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A search warrant may in all cases be served by any of the officers mentioned in its directions, but by no other person, except in aid of the officer on his requiring it, he being present and acting in its execution. Enacted The officer may break open any outer or inner door or window of a house, or any part of a house, or anything therein, to execute the warrant, if, after notice of his authority and purpose, he is refused admittance. He may break open any outer or inner door or window of a house, for the purpose of liberating a person who, having entered to aid him in the execution of the warrant, is detained therein, or when necessary for his own liberation.

Upon a showing of good cause, the magistrate may, in his or her discretion, insert a direction in a search warrant that it may be served at any time of the day or night. In the absence of such a direction, the warrant shall be served only between the hours of 7 a. A warrant executed within the day period shall be deemed to have been timely executed and no further showing of timeliness need be made. After the expiration of 10 days, the warrant, unless executed, is void.

The documents and records of the court relating to the warrant need not be open to the public until the execution and return of the warrant or the expiration of the day period after issuance. Thereafter, if the warrant has been executed, the documents and records shall be open to the public as a judicial record. The court may, for good cause, grant one or more extensions for the time that the device may be used, with each extension lasting for a reasonable length of time, not to exceed 30 days.

The search warrant shall command the officer to execute the warrant by installing a tracking device or serving a warrant on a third-party possessor of the tracking data. The officer shall perform any installation authorized by the warrant during the daytime unless the magistrate, for good cause, expressly authorizes installation at another time. Execution of the warrant shall be completed no later than 10 days immediately after the date of issuance.

A warrant executed within this day period shall be deemed to have been timely executed and no further showing of timeliness need be made. After the expiration of 10 days, the warrant shall be void, unless it has been executed. When the officer takes property under the warrant, he must give a receipt for the property taken specifying it in detail to the person from whom it was taken by him, or in whose possession it was found; or, in the absence of any person, he must leave it in the place where he found the property.

All property or things taken on a warrant must be retained by the officer in his custody, subject to the order of the court to which he is required to return the proceedings before him, or of any other court in which the offense in respect to which the property or things taken is triable. Unless the government agency objects pursuant to subdivision d , this declaration shall suffice if it makes a prima facie case that specific business activities or specific legal obligations faced by the entity would be impaired or impeded by the ongoing loss of records.

If the data is stored electronically, electromagnetically, or photo-optically, the entity may obtain either a copy made by the same process in which the data is stored, or in the alternative, by any other tangible medium through which the entity may make reasonable use of the data.

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This motion shall be made within 10 court days of the service of the demand for the records. An extension of time under this paragraph shall not be granted unless the agency establishes that reviewing or producing copies of the records within the 10 court day time period, would create a hardship on the agency. If the court grants the motion, it shall make an order designating a timeframe for the review and the duplication and return of the business records, deferring to the entity the priority of the records to be reviewed, duplicated, and returned first.