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However, the DC field will only show results for the EXACT number you have entered, so you will want to double check, if no results pop up.

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When you finally get some search results, you will see a list of all inmates that fit the criteria you plugged in. This is not a release search. All inmates are currently sitting behind bars. You will see the following pieces of information in the Florida jails inmate search:. When you do this, you will see the following information:. Home Florida. Florida Inmate Search. About Florida Department of Corrections. How to Do an Inmate Search in Florida. Types of Correctional Facilities in Florida.

County Jail City Jail State Prison Regional Facility 1. Immigration Detention Facility 2. Private Facility Military Prisons 1. Federal Prison 9. Federal RRM 2. List of Correctional Facilities in Florida. There are jails and prisons in Florida. Showing 1 — 50 of results. We use cookies. Our website uses cookies, which help us to improve our site and enables us to deliver the best possible service and customer experience.

Florida Commission on Offender Review

By clicking accept you are agreeing to our cookie policy. Alachua County Jail, Florida.


Baker County Detention Center, Florida. Bay County Jail, Florida.

Bradford County Jail, Florida. Brevard County Jail Complex, Florida. Broward County Joseph V. Conte Facility, Florida. Broward County Main Jail, Florida. Charlotte County Jail, Florida.

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Florida female inmates

Calhoun County Jail, Florida. Columbia County Detention Facility, Florida. Easy question… Mcdonalds has a playground in some of its restaurants, and Chuck E Cheese does as well. I have saw them when I lived in Orlando,Fla. I was told by probation office not to even walk down the same side of the road as the school,playground etc.

I wonder what a litigation attorney would say due to the actual definition of loitering. In Spanish the word for loitering implies that someone is there with the purpose of causing harm or looking fir an opportunity for some illegal activity. We used to hear stories all the time in prison about how big screen TVs and other things were DONATED from organizations for us to have in the dorms, but the officers would commondere them and take the stuff home for themselves.

Is there any other proof needed to show that FL is the most crooked, ass backwards state in the US?? The prisons are an industry for them, plain and simple.

Clickable Institutions Map

I was wondering about the A. C Seems We was supposed to have cable and big screen t. So let me get this straight.

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Apparently, Securus when bidding this contract was unaware that there is no honor among thieves. Securus and jail admin rob inmates — its fraud — phone calls are pennies at this day and time and they are charging 5 bucks for 15 mins — same thing on commissary- inmates are at the mercy of thieves- and you wonder why they become violent , this needs to stop now.

And yet when people like me talk about rising up against these thieves and starting a revolution, I get dismissed as a crazy person and need to be reminded to follow all the rules and laws of the state and blah, blah, blah. The whole country is being run by corporate thieves like this, yet we sit back and let them screw us. Over and over and over and……….

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Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN Ret on January 31, at pm. RetIred Medic on February 1, at am.

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USN Ret on February 1, at am. Roger Mansfield on February 1, at am. ABC on February 1, at pm. MJ on January 31, at pm.

Florida female inmates

Is anyone surprised by this??