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For this category of goods, they will be handed over to Thailand Co.

Shipping Services

The goods under this category must not be prohibited or restricted goods, or goods requiring sample analysis before release. For this type of goods, Customs officers calculate its Customs value as well as duty and taxes before handing it to Thailand Post Co. In this case, the recipient will receive a notification instructing how and where to collect the goods and pay for such duty and taxes. Duty and tax payment is not required at this stage.

Mumbai Customs : Import : FAQ

The post office hands over the parcel and all documents received to Customs Customs Service Division responsible for post informs the result of consideration to the relevant post office so that it could inform the consignee accordingly. This type of goods is handed over to be stored at Thailand Post Co.

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The goods, regardless of its total number of packages, which are sent from a sender to a recipient or arrive at the same time, and have total FOB value exceeding 40, baht, require import declaration submission Goods whose FOB value is less than 40, baht: The consignee is not required to prepare and submit import declaration electronically. Importers having IEC code number can import commercial samples through post without payment of duty upto a value of Rs. The goods so imported shall be clearly marked as "Samples".

  • Package stuck in customs – why does this happen??
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  • The importer is required to furnish a declaration to the effect that the samples are solely for the purpose of being shown to the exporters for securing or executing export orders. The importer is also required to undertake that if declaration is found to be false, he will pay appropriate duty on the goods imported as commercial samples. Under the provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act, , no person may bring or send into India any foreign exchange or Indian currency except with special or general permission of the RBI.

    1) How is clearance of Letter Mail Articles done?

    Import of Indian currency notes and coins by post is not permitted. To reduce pendency and to avoid delay in clearance of mail articles, Customs may allow import of both Indian and foreign currencies received by residents by post, provided the value does not exceed Rs. In view of this, no specific clearance is required from RBI for such imports.

    The remaining parcels are assessed by showing the rates of duty on the declarations or Parcel Bill, as the case may be. When any invoice, document or information is required to ascertain the real value, quantity or description of the contents of a parcel, the addressee may be called upon by way of a notice to produce or furnish such invoice, document and information.

    The relevant copies of Parcel Bills with the declarations so completed are then returned to the Postmaster. In case the parcels are brought through a vessel and postal authorities present list of goods before arrival of the vessel, the rate of duty and tariff value shall be the date on which Inward Entry is granted to the vessel.

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    Rest of the parcels are forwarded for delivery to the addressee on payment of the duty marked on each parcel. He will likewise fill in these details on the assessment memos to be forwarded along with each packet.

    The parcels or packets shall remain throughout in the custody of the Post Office officials. Adjudication proceedings shall be initiated in such cases by the competent officer and the parcels released only after payment of fine and penalty, if any, levied by the adjudicator. In case of the personal goods valued more than Rs.

    Customs form

    Acceptable evidence may include an invoice or other sales documents together with a credit card transaction record of payment or internationally accepted money transfer agencies. Importer can send evidence of value to the customs authorities. If the evidence is accepted, then the receiver shall receive the post parcel with duty assessed and payment of the same to the postal authorities.