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She had been observed by DEA delivering several vials of steroids to another person. A search warrant uncovered multiple firearms and multiple vials of steroids.

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They were both arrested for distributing illegal drugs while armed with guns. Thorough investigation revealed that the buyer, an acquaintance of the husband, was a DEA informant who was trying to keep himself out of jail. The husband and the informant had several wiretapped conversations about dealing steroids. We were able to show that the husband only agreed to furnish a small amount of steroids to the informant after being pestered for months. Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed to resolve the cases as if they were possession for personal use. The wife has completed the PC drug diversion class, and her charges are being dismissed.

The husband has completed the Prop 36 drug program. His charges are also being dismissed. You do not want to face a criminal charge by yourself; Turner Law will aggressively fight to defend you and your rights. Our client, a life-long East County resident who proudly calls himself a hillbilly, was walking his property near Lyons Peak, armed with an AK Government vehicles aggressively drive the access road to the radio towers at the peak.

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My client yelled at the one of the drivers to slow down. Startled by the man with a shaggy, red hair and a long, red beard carrying an AK, the driver called the San Diego Sheriff. Law enforcement responded with a dozen vehicles, assault weapons and a helicopter, arresting my client.

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The sheriff drew his blood, and it tested positive for methamphetamine. He was charged with felony possession of an illegal automatic weapon while under the influence of methamphetamine and was looking at a prison term.

Florida Sexual Assault Case Settled

We proved the AK was bought before they were banned. The judge agreed that our client was behaving lawfully on his property, that the sheriff had no reason to arrest him, so the blood was thrown out. The case was dismissed, and the judge ordered the AK returned! Turner Law has represented San Diego clients facing felony charges, so you can trust Turner Law has the expertise to help you. Our client was asked by his friend to help him kill a man.

The friend had been hired to kill the business associate of a third person. The third person was to make payment upon proof of completion. The police recorded some phone calls between the three participants. They followed our client and his friend as they began to drive toward what was believed to be a crime scene. The vehicle was pulled over, and everyone was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

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If convicted, our client would be sentenced to 25 to life. The case was sent to a trial department when no reasonable settlement offers were made.

Just before the jury was called in, we told the DA that our client would testify that his plan all along was to thwart the murder. We explained that our client believed that his friend was desperate enough to commit the murder without him. If he agreed to help, he could stop the crime. In an unorthodox move, our client spoke directly with the DA, and she found him credible. The DA was afraid we would win the trial. She released our client on probation. Turner Law will provide aggressive and thorough representation to minimize the effects of any criminal charge. Our client, an active duty Marine, was in his old neighborhood in the early morning hours.

He heard loud talking escalate to yelling and a commotion. He approached them and asked them to leave. When they refused, he pulled a gun from his waistband, pointed it at the crowd and ordered them to disperse. He was arrested for multiple felony firearm violations and was in real jeopardy of being kicked out of the Marine Corps.

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We were able to show that he probably did prevent a more severe crime from happening. We also proved that our client had taken the classes required to be licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Nuisance is generally for charges related to dangerous conditions on your property. His career was saved. Read Article. Assistant Attorney General Beth A. Williams of the Office of Legal Policy emphasized working with providers of civil legal aid to help combat issues of elder fraud and abuse during her speech at theā€¦. In , the Texas border was in crisis.

Thousands of refugees were fleeing wars in Central America, seeking asylum in the United States. Annual Franchise and Distribution Law Developments, It is committed to doing what only a national association of attorneys can do: serving our members, improving the legal profession, eliminating bias and enhancing diversity, and advancing the rule of law throughout the United States and around the world.

American Bar Association TM. The Office of the President assists the ABA presidential officers as they promote the legal profession.

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This publication serves as models for the ethics rules of most states. The mission of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative is to promote justice, economic opportunity and human dignity through the rule of law.

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