Criminal investigation in bulverde texas 1982

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  1. Inventory of the San Antonio Express-News Photograph Collection, (January-June)
  2. Texas Warrant Search
  3. FBI San Antonio History
  4. Inventory of the San Antonio Express-News Photograph Collection, 1982 (January-June)

Hightower, Jim: French Pl. Roberts, Lynda, President of Administrative. Life Title co. Floyd, Hamilton: lasso, balance board, juggling, and unicycle demonstration: lives at E.

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Lopez, Albert son and Mrs. Warehouse funiture of sofas, chairs, and tables: at S. Fiesta Tab: N. Gething House Fiesta Tour: E. Train- car wreck: Judson Road, block s. Weng, Kim: Typing, St.

Inventory of the San Antonio Express-News Photograph Collection, (January-June)

Benedict's Health Care Center, E. Hummer, Dimple Dene: Avery's, N. Main, 25th year at Avery's, Soc. Orientation Flights for teens: rd Tac. Hobby Day at Castle Hill Elem. Tisdale, Brenda 24 year old prostitute arrested 95 times Legal Prof. Crutcher, Mrs. John W. Smith, General William French, U. Atty Gen. Pace Inc. Weston, Dr.

Texas Warrant Search

Peter V. Men's tennis game: Trinity vs. Ranney, J. Stamburg, Louis and Carter, Mr. Clegg, Mrs. Marshall P. Exchange student: on Robinhood: at St. Rosenzweiz, Sam: Holocaust Survivor, location: S. Sherrell, Wilford; Hughes, Dr. Philip S. Albertson's - Universal City, Converse Rd. Mulligan Stew Cook-off, location: St. Benedict's Hospital, E. Clay Model of Proposed Housing Developent.

Plant construction. Walk for Peace, Alamo Plaza.


FBI San Antonio History

For a series on: "Healthy Babies, Happy Kids". Drury Inn Hotel under construction, N.

Loop Silver Tea Aux.. Goodyear: S. Mary's St. Pac-man Playoff: N. Mary's University, in front of library, Soc. Adkinson, Tommy State Senator Dist. High School, W. Captain 76 , Rundell, J. Berriozabel, Manuel P. Musgrove and Sons: Jewelry, N. Johnson, Henry Jr. Flood waters and stranded cars: Jackson-Keller and West Ave. Judge Mary Pearl Williams, speaker.

For Sale: 3055 Wild Valley Dr, Bulverde, Texas 78163

Joseph Goldzielter, convention chairman. Cupp, M. Greg Helling Hausen, Dr. Arthur B. Postman shot, Nov. Ruth Plenes-Merit Award Winner. Molly Turpening- Scholaraship winner. La Naturelle Parfums, Jackson-Keller. Make-up class, displays. Gerard's High School, S. New Braunfels. Frances Strange, Torcido.

Inventory of the San Antonio Express-News Photograph Collection, 1982 (January-June)

Cortez Branch Library, Hunter Blvd. Making Mother's Day Cards. Billie Knight, Children's Librarian. See assignment sheet for names.

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See assignment sheets for names. Commander's Reception, Ft. Alvin O. Old Krakow Restaurant. Polish family.

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Home at Cheryl St. Homemaking Skills Fair: W. Durango, Tafolla Cafeteria, Soc. Benefit by San Antonio for S. Metro Cong. Bustamente, Manuel: Ceralvo St. Gerard vs. Plimpton, George: Medical Aux.