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Repeat this process for each new generation you identify. Continue to search the indexes and records to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives who may have lived in the same area or a nearby area.

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A boundary change could have occurred that changed where records were kept. If you are unable to find your ancestor s in the civil registers of one province, then try searching in the provinces or even countries neighboring that province. Spain Emigration and Immigration.

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Being a student of translation and interpretation at a language academy in Germany, of course the language aspect was the most important one for me.

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Being an Erasmus student, going out and enjoying myself was, of course, right behind learning the language. So finding a good balance between hanging out with the other Erasmus interns in my workplace and spending time with locals to really learn proper Spanish was my biggest challenge. But how do you go about making friends with the locals?

Here you can find my unprofessional opinion on how to get started…. I ended up moving in with two middle aged women, one from Italy and one from Hungary. But even if that way I ended up speaking a lot of English in our place, I had no reason to be sad about the situation, as the two girls, even if they looked like my two mommies, were actually pretty hilarious and took me out for drinks more often than was good for my liver. So the party part of my stay was all set. But how was I going to meet some locals?

You will always meet new people, no matter where you go with them. As probably in any other country meeting friends of friends can easily turn the friends of your friends into your friends as well.

Well, speaking from experience, meeting new people in Germany can be quite difficult. It takes people a while to warm up towards new colleagues or teammates in sports teams. Everyone mostly sticks to their old circle of friends without really wanting to leave their comfort zone. To paint you a slightly exaggerated picture: If you chat someone up in a bar or club they might think you are only trying to flirt with them.


And if you talk to a random person on the train they might think you are only doing so for some ulterior motive. So what can you expect in Malaga? Well, it really does feel completely different. People here communicate non-stop. No matter if they know the people they are talking to or not.

If something funny happens in the street, they comment on it. If something weird happens on the train, they comment on it.

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  8. This was the royal couple that, after a few hiccups, granted Columbus what he was asking for - ships, equipment, a promise that all new territories he will acquire for the Spanish crown, and food and lodgings anywhere in their territory for free. By extension, this provided Columbus with men and resources for his long trip.

    How Do You Find Someone in Spain?

    The reason only Colombia and not the whole of America was named after him is that he wholeheartedly and until death believed that these new territories were on the Asian east coast. What followed after Columbus's first voyage Most importantly, America was a land of opportunities. Opportunities for Europeans living under feudal rule to escape somewhere where these structures were looser, and where people could be whatever they wanted. They could escape religious prosecution, as seen in British pilgrims, they could be adventurers, farmers, hunters, and generally tend to their own livelihood and happiness without the crown looming over them.

    Secondly, America was a land with almost endless resources.